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What does AIMdyn do?

Remember the graphs you used to make in high school? The teacher would hand out a paper with an X and Y axis covered in a diagonal cloud of points, and your job was to find the quickest path: to draw a clean line using the points as a guide. This was used as an efficient way to teach sophomores how to find a trend in data.

Now imagine those points are not only an abstract shaped cloud with no apparent trend but that there are trillions of them, some falling so far out of place, in every which way, and changing with time. This is big data; big, very messy data, and because it is so dynamic it is just about impossible to find a pattern within it. 

AIMdyn makes it possible. We find a pattern or trend within this big data for your organization to use for a better understanding and visualization of the data, to predict future trends, and possibly change or manipulate the future data’s outcome. Our highly educated and trained team does this with aa variety of tools we’ve developed, including AIMdyn’s GoSUMD.ai software. For an in-depth look at this software, visit our site’s GoSUMD.ai page, or click here.

In 2019 we celebrated 15 years as a company.

AIMdyn was established in 2003 to help its customers understand data and propose the best remedial method or control action for engineered or natural systems.